access blocked websites
access blocked websites

How To Access Blocked Websites Normally Available Only In A Particular Region :    There are various websites on the internet that provide free and legal access to your favorite TV shows, movies, music news, and other content. Unfortunately, most of these websites have the restriction that only allows people from a particular region or country to be able to access their content. This can be quite frustrating. If anyone from outside the ‘Allowed’ Region or country tries to access such a website, they are greeted with an error message. In such cases, if you still want to access blocked websites, you need to somehow disguise your location and pretended to be in the ‘allowed’ region.

This is where something known as a VPN or a Virtual Private Network comes in handy. Using a VPN, is it possible for you to pretend to be located in some other part of the world(like the USA, for example). And once you are able to do that, you will also be able to access all the content on the region-restricted website without paying any money.

What is Vpn :

A VPN is typically used by companies and organization to allow their employees to remotely connect to their central office network from anywhere in the world.  For example, let us assume that you work for a company that is headquartered in the USA.  If you are traveling to Ja

how to access blocked websites
how to access blocked websites

pan, India, or China for work and want to access your files, folders, database, printer and other network resources back in your Singapore headquarters, you can use a VPN.  However, there are several public VPNs available on the internet that can be used to disguise your location. (in technical parlance, they allow you to change the IP address of your computer). And pretend to be in some other part of the world.  In another world, if you directly connect to a website then you will not be allowed to access the content on it.  Since the website will know from your IP address that you are outside the ‘allowed’ region. However, if you first connect to a VPN service based in an allowed region. The website will get fooled and will give access to all its content for free. As simple as that!

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How To Use VPN :

For this example, let us assume that you want to access content on a website that is normally only available to users in the USA. One of my favorite public free VPN services is Hotspot Shield. It is a free VPN service by some basic light ads, that established a secure encrypted VPN connection between your computer and their Internet gateway, hence giving you full unrestricted access to everything on the Internet. Most of their servers are located in the USA, so by contacting to the Hotspot Shield VPN service, you can change your identity and seem to be located in the USA.

If you want to make sure that your identity and location has been changed to that of a USA-based system. Simply start your browser and search ‘what is my IP’ on google.

Now that you have successfully changed your location, you can easily bypass the region restriction placed by the various website. And access all your favorite Tv shows, movies, content for free. It is also possible to connect your laptop to your LCD or plasma TV to watch the HD-quality episode on the big screen with surround sound audio.

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It is also possible to use the Hotspot Shield Mobile app to anonymous connect your Android and iOS mobile devices to the Internet. And access blocked websites from anywhere.


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