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Best Video Editing Apps For Android: Nowadays videos are becoming more viral as compared to photos and texts. That’s the main reason why all social media platforms are full of videos especially Facebook and Instagram. Everyone is trying their best to create some awesome videos. But for this, you need a computer or laptop. Nope, well you can use your Android phone to edit your videos because Android phone is becoming smarter day by day. Now you can do all work on Android smartphones. In video editing, there are many apps out there. But we have created a list of Best Video Editing Apps for Android smartphones. If you are looking for Best Video Editing Apps for android phones then this list might help you.
so here is the list of

Best video editing apps for android phones



PowerDirector Best Video Editing Apps @TechnoGyde
PowerDirector Best Video Editing Apps

No Doubt PowerDirector is one of the most used Best Video Editing Apps for Android. It comes with a lot of features and effects. The user interface of this app is also very simple and easy to use. You can also go for paid version if you want to unlock all features of this app. It’s a full feature video editing app. You can also add voice over to your videos.


Kinemaster Best Video Editing Apps @TechnoGyde

Like other apps, kind master also supports both photos and videos. This app works only in landscape mode which gives a professional look. This app helps you to add effects, texts, sounds etc in your videos at the same time while it playing in full-screen mode. Yes, Kinemaster is free to use but for a limited time after that, you have to buy their subscription to use this app.

#Filmora Go:

Filmora Go Best Video Editing Apps @TechnoGyde
Filmora Go Best Video Editing Apps

The mobile app of famous computer video editing software. You might know Filmora is most used desktop video editing software. Now they also provide mobile app so that you can edit your videos anytime. this app also comes with a subscription but most of the features are free. In Best Video Editing Apps for Android phones, it is the best choice.


VivaVideo Best Video Editing Apps @TechnoGyde
VivaVideo Best Video Editing Apps

This app will be useful for those who work with short video clips like clips for social media. Vivavideo has a simple and easy to use interface which makes easy to load edit and trim as needed. Vivavideo has more than 200 filters and different types of effects. Well, in their free version edited videos saves with a watermark. To remove that watermark you have to buy their pro version.

#Adobe Premiere Clip:


Adobe is a well-known name in video editing software. Like their desktop apps, this mobile app also comes with a lot of features. Adobe premiere clips have the simplest interface. You can also sync your work with your all other Adobe software but you will need an Adobe creative cloud account to do so.



Quik is a new generation video editing app. It makes easy to create short clips for social media. Here you can add more than 150 photos, videos and sounds to your clips. This app also helps you to create videos automatically using your photos. the only thing you have to do is add some photos to timeline then this app automatically create a short clip by using those photos. also, you can add some text or emoji to your videos. it’s free to use without any pro version.

#Video show:

VideoShow Best Video Editing Apps @TechnoGyde
VideoShow Best Video Editing Apps

Video show is one of the Best Video Editing Apps for Android Videoshow will be the best choice as it has no limit no watermark and no pro version. It’s completely free. In google play, store video show has 100 million downloads with 4.5 rating which is enough to make this app most used and best video editing app for Android.


InShot Best Video Editing Apps @TechnoGyde
InShot Best Video Editing Apps

Best video editing app for android to create an Instagram video. In this app, there are many other options like add texts, drag and drop video etc. Most important while working with portrait mode this app automatically add blur effect in the background to make that video Instagram friendly.


VideoShop Best Video Editing Apps @TechnoGyde
VideoShop Best Video Editing Apps

Another great option for those who want to create shot clips for social media. It has more than 200 million downloads and 4.6 rating in google play store. Like other apps video shop also have almost all feature like effects, text, sound etc. for Instagram lovers it has a lot of filters which makes your Instagram videos extraordinary. This app also comes with in app purchase. Well, most features are free but you can pay if you want full feature mode.



Magisto is one of the most popular video editing app in play store. Magisto had won several awards and even feature in big magazines like Cnet, Forbes, Mashable, Techcrunch etc.
It gives you very simple interface it divides video editing into three steps. first, add photos and videos second select a predefined theme and third and last add some sound. after all this, it automatically creates a video for you. although this app is free to use you have to pay to unlock all features of this app.

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Video editing is one of the heaviest task ever. It need powerful hardware compared to desktops android smartphones doesn’t have that power. But they provide you a choice when you are out of your home or away from your computer. For basic options like trimming, effects, text, slow motion etc android app can be useful. But if you want to add some VFX or some advanced effects then you need to use your computer.
So These are the Best Video Editing Apps for Android. Hope you will like, if so then hit the share button. For suggestions and feedback use comment box below.


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