Blog Loading Speed
Blog Loading Speed

Guide To Boost Your WordPress Blog Loading Speed: Today We Will discuss About your blog loading speed. But Before doing that let’s check why we all have to optimize our blog. So basically when a user comes to our blog the time which is taken by our blog to opens up completely is your blog loading time. Your Blog loading time depends on two main Factors one is internal  & another is external. Internal contain your server response time, DNS response time, caching etc. on other hands external factor stick to the user’s internet speed. So here we can only improve our internal factor.

Your Blog Loading Speed Plays an important role. it can affect your blog traffic as well as your search ranking. Recent Studies says that if Your Website Loading speed is high then your blog also rank higher in search engines. So Here We will talk about 5 such way which helps to boost your blog loading speed.


 Top 5 Ways To Boost Your Blog Loading Speed:


Choose Right Web Hosting:

Many People Think Why user choose premium hosting when free hosting is available. I will tell You free hosting has many drawbacks. They display advertise on your site. Most important Many of free hosting is used for phishing or some kind of spam website. so if you choose that hosting than Google may blacklist your blog as spam. And those hosting have high server response time. So it will definitely affect your blog loading speed. If you use third party DNS service so make sure your DNS Response Time is less than 100ms. Many of you use hosting provided by some local and newly established web hosting companies as they offer cheap hosting. But I will recommend you to Use Bluehost and Hostgator.


Choosing The Right Theme And plugin:

Your Blog theme also affects your blog loading speed. if You are using a hard coded and SEO Optimize Theme then your automatically your blog loading speed increases. Always Use a small and simple design theme for your blog. I will recommend you to use Genesis child Theme Or Divi theme. and in free version WordPress official theme means twenty series and themeisle Free Themes

On Your blog use a less number of plugins. do not use any fancy or unwanted plugin as they also affect your blog loading speed. essential plugins for any blog are: Yoast Seo[For Seo], W3 Super Cache[minify and cache your css], Akismate[control spam], Contact Form 7 [for making contact form], wp-smush[optimise Images]


Optimize Image:

Recent Studies Proves that 50% of our blog loading speed is affected by images and videos on our Blog. One thing that I saw man used use PNG image on their blog. I will recommend you to Always Use jpeg format image as they are compressed format of images.And also Before uploading them to your site compress them. But for those who have many images already on their blog then you need not worry so much. Few plugin are there which helps to compress image directly in your WordPress dashboard.

These are:

Compress JPEG and PNG images

WP- Smush


Always Use a Caching plugin:

As I already told your installation of caching plugin is mandatory. Especially If you are using shared hosting it is necessary to use a caching plugin for increasing your WordPress blog loading speed. Do You Know What cache plugin actually do on your blog? I will tell you. So basically, when a user opens your blog then an HTML page comes but as you all know WordPress is a PHP based CMS. So you server convert your PHP files into HTML pages every time when a user visit. But when you use caching plugin the plugin automatically convert them into HTML static pages and save them separately. And then when a user visits the preserved page loads up. This way Your WordPress Blog loading time decreases a lot. I will recommend W3 Cache plugin as they have many advanced features.


Minimize your blog scripts and database:

Many WordPress themes use a lot of scripts which increase your loading time. Therefore avoid that kind of themes. Also, use Minify Plugin to minify your theme scripts. Recommended plugin is Autoptimize.


As You all know WordPress works on the database server. All your blog posts saved in the database. Therefore try to optimize your database. You can also use some plugins. recommended Plugin is WP-Optimize. This will also help you to increase your WordPress blog loading speed.


So these are the top 5 ways which can be used in optimizing your WordPress blog. Before Using any of the above steps check your current loading time. Then after applying all method then compare your loading time. If it works then share this on social media. My Blog Loading Time is –

Blog Loading Speed

If you have any suggestion or any problem with any plugin then simply comment below

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