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Click Better Photos By Using Your Smartphone: If  You Want To Become A Professional photographer and you don’t have DSLR. Then this article is for you. Now, you can Click Better Photos By Using Your Smartphone. Nowadays smartphones technology is improving day by day and manufacturers focus on the camera. Many smartphones can take better photos from any cheap DSLR. Will, we can’t get the quality of DSLR, but there are few tips which you can use to improve your photography skills.

Pro Tips To Click Better Photos By Using Your Smartphone :

#Keeps your lens Clean:

If smudges covered in that little thing at the back of your smartphone, then you will not be able to take good shots even you have a high-resolution camera in your smartphone. So make sure to remove all dust from your camera’s lens before taking photos. Cleaning of your lens is mandatory before taking shots. Because As you all know that the lens plays a key role in clicking the pictures.

#See The Light:

See The Light - Click Better Photos By Using Your Smartphone @technogyde

Light in the background also affects your photography. Check from where the light comes. And take advantages from it. It can be a natural light like the sun or artificial light. Lighting can make your pictures awesome as well as ugly. So see the lighting conditions and take advantages from it. You can utilise this in making an extraordinary photo.

#Figure out the right distance:

The significant difference between your smartphone and a DSLR is its zooming lens. DSLR can take the close-up photo of any object from far away. But smartphones camera users can’t make like that. You have to get physically close to taking better photos. So, to click better photos from your smartphone, you have to measure the distance from the object. You have to keep right distance to click a professional photo.

#Use Of Flash:

People might think that flash can only use at night time or indoor. But that’s not true at all. Sometimes if it is a highly bright day the, you can switch on your flash. By doing this, you will be able to create an even exposure. But In artistic photography using flash isn’t cool. By using flash one bright point on your object can make your picture horrible.

#Use different Angles:

Figure out the right distance - Click Better Photos By Using Your Smartphone @technogyde

Do not hesitate in clicking the same image from different perspectives. Your phone has enough memory to store all of them. You can also use various types height and orientations. You might not feel good while taking many shots of same objects from different angles But the result of those angles will surprise you.

#Editing and filters:

The last stage of any picture editing doesn’t mean that you use extensive editing to make your pictures horrible. Use light edit, so that picture you click looks natural. You can also use filters to enhance your picture, but filters don’t work all time.


Explore new places every time, Be creative and click many shots of the same object from various angles. Play with your camera’s setting because default camera option doesn’t work all the time. You can also make use of ISO feature of your camera. Always hold your smartphone with both of your hands to Click Better Photos By Using Your Smartphone. You can also Blur If any unwanted thing appears near the subject.

So these are some pro tips to Click Better Photos By Using Your Smartphone. I am not a professional photographer, but these tips come from many successful photographer experiences. Hope you like this article. And what you think about these tips comment below.


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