E-Sign A Document
E-Sign A Document

Complete Guide To Setup Your E-Sign: There was a time when, each time you needed to sign an agreement and send it to a client, customer or partner, you would have to print out the agreement, sign all the pages and then courier the document. However, in today’s Internet age, many agreements can be executed digitally as well, by simply printing out the agreement,
signing it, scanning it and then emailing it out. There is a faster and easier method of executing digital agreements using online digital signing websites.

Guide To Setup Your E-Sign:


DocuSign- E-Sign A Document
DocuSign- E-Sign A Document

One of my favorite online e-signing websites is DocuSign
(www.docusign.com), which makes electronically signing and executing agreements extremely easy, fast and convenient. DocuSign allows users to sign any document with a single click of the mouse and send it out to the respective parties. Moreover, if you wish to request a signature from somebody, you can use DocuSign to send the document or agreement out for signing. Finally, DocuSign will also securely store all your digitally executed agreements on their cloud servers in one place for easy access in the future.

To start using DocuSign, you need to first create an account for yourself. Depending upon your needs, you can choose a relevant pricing plan. For home users.

#Steps To Start UsingDocuSign:

Once you have created your account, you need to log in to be able to start digitally signing and sharing agreements and documents.
The first time you log in to your DocuSign account, you will need to create a digital signature for yourself by clicking on the Edit button in the DocuSign ID Card box.

This will open up the Manage Identity page, which allows you to manage all the details related to your digital identity and a digital E-sign for your DocuSign account. Now click on the Manage
Your Signature link.

You can now create or manage the digital E-Sign of your DocuSign account. You have the option to either upload a scanned copy of your digital signature (in the form of an image), draw your own signature using your mouse, or use one of the standard styles of signature on the DocuSign website. This page will allow you to set up not only your complete signature but also a separate initials signature for your digital identity. Moreover, you can use this same page for setting up different digital E-Sign for different people in your organization or team. And, depending on the document that needs to be signed, the relevant person’s digital signature can be applied to it using DocuSign.

How To Use Your E-Sign:

Once you have set up the digital signature associated with your ac-
count, to sign a document that you have received, you simply need to click on the Sign a Document Now button in your DocuSign ac-
count. You can either upload the document that needs to be signed from your computer or from any of the popular online cloud services (like Google Drive, Sky Drive, DropBox and others). DocuSign
supports most popular file formats, including but not limited to
.doc, .pdf, .xls and .txt.

Once you have added the document that needs to be signed to your
DocuSign account, simply click on the Sign button. DocuSign will now allow you to choose the type of signature you wish to put on the document (complete or initial), the portion of the document you wish to sign (drag and drop) and also the size of the signature you want. Not only that, DocuSign also allows you to add other details of your digital identity (first name, last name, full name, date of signing, email address etc.) to any part of the document.

Finally, once the document has been signed, simply click on the
Finish button and DocuSign will allow you to email the signed document to recipients of your choice. You can also choose to download the signed document as a PDF file or a ZIP file to your computer by clicking on the PDF icon at the top menu.

Some other popular digital signature websites that you could also use are:
Right Signature (https://rightsignature.com)
Echo Sign (http://www.echosign.com)

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