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Howdy My Hackers fellows, I Know You All Are Familiar with Kali Linux. Those who don’t know what Kali Linux is? So Kali Linux is a Linux distribution which is used for pen testing and hacking forensics. The biggest problem when you use Kali Linux is its installation. So here we will talk about How can we install Kali Linux directly in your windows Computer.

Features of Kali Linux:

As you all know Kali Linux is used for hacking and cyber forensics purpose. Kali Linux is a modified and advanced version of backtrack. Currently, it is the best of for hacking purpose. It has more than 600 tools which make kale Linux very powerful. Kali Linux is provided by offensive security. Kali Linux is freely available for download on its official website. Also, kali Linux is one of the best-supported OS for the Metasploit framework.

Advantages of Kali Linux:

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution you can modify its system according to your need. kali is freely available for download on the internet without giving a single penny.
Kali Linux is one of the best platforms of the Metasploit framework. It has more than 600 tools which is higher than any other OS.

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And also available in 32 bit or 64 bit you can use according to your computer configuration.

How to install Kali Linux on PC

It is quite simple and easy. Simply download Kali Linux iso file from the internet and install it on your computer. You can install it on your PC in two different ways. first, you can use Kali Linux using VM Ware [ virtual machine] or you can dual boot with your windows. Here we will talk about installing Kali Linux directly in your PC using dual boot. Because while dual booting most users stuck. Many of them delete their hard disk partition also.

How can we dual boot Kali Linux with windows

Before starting a few requirement are here these are:

  • of course a computer
  • A USB of 8 GB capacity
  • Kali Linux iso file  [downloaded from]
  • universal USB installer

Steps to install Kali Linux in windows:

Firstly download Kali Linux from its official website i.e. Now download UUI universal USB installer from its official website[].

After downloading these two files now go to your windows control panel and open disk management. To do this simply search disk partition or go through control panel system and disk management.

install kali linux in windows Dual Boot open disk part @TechnoGYDE

There select any disk which has at least 50 GB of free space. Right click on that and select shrink either 35GB or 35000 MB which is enough for Kali Linux. After this you will see a new drive of 35Gb Now it’s done close this windows.

Now install universal USB installer after installing you see like this.

install kali linux in windows Dual Boot universal usb installer @TechnoGYDE
Here select your USB drive in the drop-down menu select Kali Linux and select iso file which you have download earlier. Tick the format option tap on start.
After all done
Restart your computer and boot with USB. If you don’t know how then find your boot key of your computer. Mostly it is F8 orF10. After pressing select your USB.

Here Kali Linux menu will appear select graphical install. Do all basic setting now on disk part select use largest continuous free space. If it doesn’t show then you have to shrink your disk first like I said earlier in this article. Now all done after some time it will install on your PC.

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