Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

Most Expensive Gadgets in the World: Talking About Gadgets, Price Isn’t a Big Deal. There Are Many peoples who just want to live a luxurious life No Matter how much it costs. that’s why we have made a list of top Most Expensive Gadgets in the World. You might wonder how much people pay to live a luxurious life. So, here is the list of

Most expensive Gadgets In The World

#MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation – $45K

MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

Getting this is like heaven for gamers. I also want to buy this But can’t afford. As it costs around $45000. These costs make this gadget world’s Most expensive gadget. They also take custom orders. If you want some more space or fitting of any Gadget then they will do it for you. This workstation has three monitors screens, a touch screen interface, an electronically controlled seat and light treatment brightening. So this is one of the best Gadgets to but from the list of top most expensive gadgets in the world.

#iPhone 5 Black Diamond – $15000000

iPhone 5 Black Diamond - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

Obviously, it’s most expensive Gadget in the world as it is made with Gold and diamonds. The outer shell is made with 24-carat gold while apple logo and corners are made with diamonds. Also, 26carat black diamond is used to build home button. Black diamond used in this iPhone is owned by a Chinese businessman who orders to make this world’s most expensive smartphone.

#Macbook Air Supreme Platinum Edition – $500000

Macbook Air Supreme Platinum Edition - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

After iPhone and iPads Macbook Also receives Luxury treatment. The Stuart Hughes MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition is made with real 7 Kg Of platinum. Btw That was really very big name. Apple MacBook……
It so expensive that it has only 5 units available across the world. This MacBook Costs you approx 500K Us Dollar.

Sony PlayStation 3 supreme – $331,000

Sony PlayStation 3 supreme - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

This Sony’s gaming console is Made with 22-carat gold with a weight of 1.6 kg. only three units available across the globe. It also has disc loading slot built with 22-carat diamonds. It has a price tag of 331,000 Us Dollar.

iPad 2 Gold history edition – $7,000,000

iPad 2 Gold history edition - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

This iPad is made with the use of the bone of 65 million years old T-Rex Dinosaur and also the front portion of this device is made with the use of the oldest rock in the world. In this gadget 53 Diamonds used. apple logo at the back of this iPad is made using Gold. Only 2 Units available with the price of 7 million Us Dollar.

Harry Winston Opus 12 – $260,000

Harry Winston Opus 12 - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

The Harry Winston Opus 12 watch has no standard moment and hour hands. it’s exquisite blue metal arms that look additional like sharp weapons. It takes pride in its quality, all around okay to forged a sticker worth of $260,000 for his or her ticker. This watch will work for around 45 hours with 607 sections, 18 gems, and 3 barrels. It even renders activity of the 12-hour hands for each hour modification. It, in addition, vivifies the instant hands for like mechanism. The watch includes a breadth of 46mm with a metal case and hostile to intelligent sapphire jewelry. it’s a demeanor of eliteness in lightweight of the actual fact that lone one hundred twenty units are created to browse a clock on a Copernican-enlivened unrest kind.

Diamond Blackberry Amosu Curva – $240k

Diamond Blackberry Amosu Curva - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

Luxury product designer Alexander Amasu offers this most expensive gadget at the price of 240k Us Dollar. In the making of this Phone 4,459 diamond used. the whole body is made of 18-carat gold and front and back are made with diamonds. Only three units are there. It takes 350 Hours to craft a single unit of this smartphone.

Vertu Constellation Quest – Up to $275K

Vertu Constellation Quest - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

The Vertu constellation quest comes with the stainless steel body and a diamond trim. It runs on Symbian Os. I Know price is too high for this simple phone. But all Vertu device are handmade that’s the reason their price is too high.

Megatrend MkIII Speakers – $80k

Megatrend MkIII Speakers - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

Most expensive speakers in the world. Megatrend MkIII Speakers has a 7 feet height and 3 feet width which is enough to convert your home into DJ. These speakers cost you about 80K Us Dollar.

iPhone 4 Crystal Docking Station – $500

iPhone 4 Crystal Docking Station - Most Expensive Gadgets in the World @technogyde

What more expensive if docking station cost you higher than iPhone. Well, this docking station is made with gems and painted with platinum. The cost of this device $500 is enough to buy another iPhone again and again.


Don’t Go out of your way to these all are just for information purpose. I am not endorsing to buy these gadgets. These all are my research. if someone has a better option then leave a comment.
So These are the top 10 most expensive gadgets in the world. Share with those rich friends who should buy these.


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