Send Huge File Attachments Via Email

send huge file attachments via email: Gmail has a 25 MB size limit while sending attachments. This isn’t enough when one wants to send a large file (video, presentation, high-resolution ad campaign etc). Usually, such a size restriction forces people to split the file attachments into multiple emails or use third-party file transfer websites like Dropbox. Unfortunately,
third-party file transfer websites come with their own share of problems—most of them are not free, have annoying advertisements and can have security issues.

Get Free 5 GB Storage With Your Gmail

Google Drive is your own hard drive on the Google Cloud. If you have a Gmail account, Google by default gives you 5 GB of free storage space on Google Drive. In case 5 GB is not enough, it is possible to buy even more storage space. Using Google Drive, you can not only back up all your important files in case of loss but also transfer them to your friends or colleagues. Google Drive allows you to upload specific files or even complete folders from your computer. It can be accessed at and is one of the easiest and most secure methods of transferring files and folders on the Internet. Compared to third-party file-sharing websites, the advantage of Google Drive is that it is completely integrated with all other Google products, including Gmail, and does not require a separate sign-up.

Upload Unlimited Number Of Files

Once you log in to your Google Drive, you can immediately start up loading files or folders to your Google Cloud by clicking on the Upload button.

There is almost no limit on the number of files you can upload or the size of the files you can upload to your Google Drive, as long as you have space available in it.

You can monitor the status of an upload in the upload status window in the bottom right corner of the screen. You don’t need to wait for a file to be completely uploaded before you start uploading Another file. It is possible to simultaneously upload as many files as you wish.

Once a particular file or folder has been successfully uploaded to your Google Drive, you can click on the Share link to manage the sharing settings for that file. You can choose to keep the file private, public, or share it with specific people by simply clicking on the Change link under Who Can Access.

Manage Permission Of Files In Google Drive

There are four different ways to share the file uploaded to your Google Drive:

1. Publish the file on the Internet, so that anyone with an Internet connection can access the file without any permission or authorization, just like a public blog or website

Send Huge File Attachments Via Email

2. Keep the file completely private, so that only you can access it

3. Share it with specific Gmail accounts. This setting requires the
a recipient to sign into their Gmail account to verify their identity

4. Send a direct link (full URL) to the file to specific users. These
users do not need to have a Gmail account.


Define Who Can Edit Or View You File

It is also possible for you to use Google Drive to control what people can do with the shared files. You can either allow them to only view your files, view and comment on them or even edit them. In other words, Google Drive is also very useful if you wish to collaborate with team members or friends and work together on the same files. In this example, I’ve chosen to share the uploaded file by sending a link to a specific set of people and would like to only assign viewing rights.

Google Drive Also Have Mobile Apps

Google Drive will now create a direct link or URL which can be used to access the shared file. You can share this link or URL with friends or colleagues via email, chat or text message.

Even if you are using your work email account, you can still use Google Drive to transfer large files. Some other popular websites that allow you to easily transfer large files are:

Dropbox (
Sky Drive Live (

It is also possible to download mobile apps of Google Drive, Drop- Box and Sky Drive to your Android or iOS device so that you can easily share files from your mobile devices with your friends and colleagues.


Note: Google Drive and the Google Drive logo are registered trademarks of 
Google Inc., used with permission. Google Drive and the Google Drive logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission. 


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