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Stop Wasting Time Online. Tips To Stay Focused: Are you an expert procrastinator? Do you spend a lot of time in front of your computer aimlessly staring at the screen instead of studying or working? Are you addicted to Facebook and do you spend too much time stalking people you don’t even know? Have you ever started watching videos online, lost track of time and then suddenly realized that several hours have passed? If these questions sound familiar, then welcome to the procrastinators’ club that no one wants to be in, yet has millions of members. Research reveals that taking short breaks from work helps you remain more focused and efficient. However, for most of us, a short break invariably turns into a long sabbatical from work. Here, we are going to discuss strategies and tools that will help you win the time battle against that technological black hole called the Internet.

Impossible To Comeplety Stop Using Fb, Twitter Etc.

It is impractical to completely stop using popular websites like
Facebook, Twitter, Sports Portals, YouTube, and gaming and other sites. However, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to restrict the amount of time per day you are allowed to spend on each of these websites? There is a very popular Google Chrome browser extension called StayFocusd that helps you with just that. You can down-
load it free of cost from the Google Chrome Web Store.

Use Of StayFocusd Extension

Once you have installed StayFocusd, there will be a new icon or button that will be added to the URL bar in Google Chrome. Clicking on this icon will allow you complete control over the amount of time you can spend on each website every day. Once you exceed the allotted daily time of a specific website, it will no longer allow you to access it until the next day!

This is how you can use the StayFocusd browser extension to manage the amount of time you are allowed to spend on Facebook:

Setup StayFocusd Extension

Open your browser to the Facebook homepage and click on the StayFocusd button in your browser. This will open the StayFocusd settings page for Facebook.

If you wish to restrict access to Facebook, click on the Block this entire site link or you can click on Advanced options to enter custom URLs to block only specific pages within Facebook.

Once you have enabled restricted access to websites, click on the Settings link to specify the amount of time per day you are allowed to spend on all the restricted websites put together. If you want to completely block access to a particular website, then you set the number of minutes to 0. It is important to note that this time restriction is not website specific but applies to all the blocked websites.

Also, Block Access To Particular Website

Not only is this tool very useful to restrict access to certain websites, but it also works for parents who are worried about their kids accessing adult websites on the Internet and want to block access to them. StayFocusd works only on the Google Chrome browser, but there are similar extensions/add-ons available on other popular browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer as well.

Another fantastic tool that keeps you focused online is a Google Chrome extension called Title Time Tracker. Once installed, it displays the amount of time you have spent on a specific website in the title bar of the page.
This sends you on a virtual guilt trip. The idea behind this application is that when you see the amount of time you are spending on these various websites, you will be able to exercise some self-control and spend more time doing productive work.


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